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Teachers at Zion Zeal Christian School are qualified, trained and experienced teachers (both INTERNATIONAL and NATIONAL TEACHERS) who have been teachers for years dealing with children and are now devoting themselves to impart basic education and life skills to young growing beginners in education.

Here at Zion Zeal Christian School, we aim to take on board some of the best trained teachers to teach for quality and value for money teaching for our young children.

Zion Zeal Christian School prefers Female Teachers for a "Motherly Heartedly Care service for our students, especially in the Kindergarten to Elementary grades. Over 80 percent of our academic staff are female.

Phonics Programs - Zion Zeal has full years of phonic teaching since the school started. Our students who have passed out and/or transfered to other system schools are doing very well in their reading because of our phonic programs.
Teacher to Students Ratio is 1:30 or Less.


Zion Zeal is a Christian School and is owned and run by devoted Christians. All teachings will be done based on our faith in worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth.
In the last 15 years of our operation, many parents have been converted and transformed by the influence of their children through the Christian teachings they have learned in school. It is the beginning of our vision to see the students whom we touch become "agents of change" to their families, communities and society. The school has developed its own GOD and BIBLE Curriculum, and is now a compulsory testable curriculum in Zion Zeal Schools. This curriculum complements with the Department of Education Christian Education Curriculum.


Additional classes are available for Grade 7 - 12 students who need extra coaching on the subjects taught in class. Additional Class starts in Term 2 and runs from 3:00pm to 4:00pm each day. More information will be provided in Term 1 .
Every Friday is the Socialization Day [SD] - Sports, Quiz, presentations; SD days for parents etc.,
Grade 7 - 12 will have different program on this day.