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Zion Zeal Christian School

The Registered Trading name of the school is ZION ZEAL CHRISTIAN SCHOOL. Zion is the mountain of God. The appointed place of blessing and prosperity. Zeal is connected to the word Zion to join the two to mean "This school will become God's appointed place to breed generations of people trained with Godly Principles and Knowledge who will become zealous for Godliness and stand for positive transformation in Papua New Guinea".

The name demonstrates the Quality Basic Education, Personal Character and Cognitive Development, Moral and Spiritual Knowledge Empowerment that we are called to promote.
REGISTRATION: The School is legally registered as a registered permitted school to provide education services with the Department of Education.

MISSION STATEMENT: The Mission for Zion-Zeal Christian School is to provide Christian based education from Kindergarten to Grade Twelve (12). Using the guided principles of God's Word, the school believes to build a society of new generation with the zeal to become better in living and conducting their lives within their families, their communities and the country while advancing their education and career prospects.


  1. Develop all Children to Read and Understand Information, write better and communicate easily
  2. Develop basic numeracy and algebraic skills, vocabulary skills, arts and science knowledge and skills.
  3. Build better cognitive development, character education and moral understanding.
  4. Promote Godly Principles and Knowledge through the Word of God.
  5. Develop all children to be physically strong and healthy with sound mind to participate in all developments


  1. Kindergarten [Age 3 - 5]
  2. Elementary Prep [Age 5 - 6]
  3. Elementary One [Age 6 - 7]
  4. Elementary Two [Age 7 - 8]
  5. Grade 3 - 6 Primary School
  6. Grade 7 - 10 High School
  7. Grade 11 - 12 Secondary


  1. Waigani Chapter - @Kone Tigers Oval, Waigani. [Kindergarten to Grade 6]
  2. Gerehu Chapter - @Stage One (1), Gahuna Crescent, Section 262 Lot 24 [Kindergarten to Elementary Grade 4]
  3. 9-Mile Chapter - @NPF Compound along the road. [Kindergarten to Grade 6]
  4. Boroko Apex Park Chapter - [Kindergarten to Elementary Grade 2]
  5. Boroko Chapter - @Vaivai Avenue, next to Edgewood Hotel [Grade 3 to Grade 12]